How To Use Biz-find

How to use Biz-find

Biz-find is part of Netmedia Asia, Netmedia UK, and Netmedia Thailand. We are a digital marketing business with 2 sides

One: a Digital Marketing training business

It’s good to share. I’d rather you learn what I know in a Digital Marketing workshop or in a 1 on 1.

Two: A business directory and Sales Leads portal in 10 countries

I was a Sales Representative for twenty years then got into online marketing in 2009 and what I found is that the Internet does not really help people to find new customers. In the main it has become a place where S.E.O. masters can get a ‘thin of content’ website above a site that is useful, and the internet is full of people hard selling and trying to be heard above all the noise.

What it promised to be was a place where people who wanted to buy products and services could find each other easily yet it never materialized, so we are trying to bring this back.

Register yourself on this site if your business is in Singapore and add as much information as the package you chose allows, photos (the first image is free) website address, phone number, keywords and a brief descriptionof your business.

Singapore Business Directory

Singapore Business Directory

Once we approve your page, we then share your business to 500,000 people on Social Media. This drives traffic to your business.

On average 5% of your page views become a direct contact via your website¬†(the contact form is on our site) the social media buttons, or they call you direct. So don’t forget to ask all new callers how they found you.

In the sign up process we ask you to tell us a few things that you are buying, in other words:

We Buy information

Many get confused by this as we are all so programmed to SELL SELL SELL. Stop to think for a minute, every business buys products and services to keep their business flowing.We want this information to help you grow.

In fact we BUY this information off you! Tell us three genuine things you are buying B2B and B2C and you get an upgrade to Pro membership for free for the first month,

Pro membership gives you access to the leads plus many more benefits, includin the things that people are buying and one of these things may be the thing you sell.

Once we reach 1,000 members in any site we go paid, a $5.00 one time fee,  (two of our sites have gone paid already!) so make sure you add your business before we reach to 1000 registered members.