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Sales Skills Part 4

2 Vital skills needed to sell anything.

We are all Sleazy Salesman (but we have secrets to growing your profit)

An experienced Sales man reveals the tricks of the trade.

Does your Body belong in a Different Era? (Sponsored Post)

How has body image changed over the Centuries and do you have tghe right body image for today's market?

Daddy, I want to be an entrepreneur.

If my child wants to become an Entrepreneur I would, of course, be proud, but would I be able to get them prepared for the gruelling and heartbreaking journey they will embark upon, which is littered

Why your intro sucks and how to improve the response rate.

I am going to show you how you can improve your response rate to your initial emails.The vast majority of business people need an online slap to make them realise they are contributing more and more

It's your, just kidding

When you are next making a major purchase, be it an iPhone, Rolex watch or diamonds perhaps, think back to what got you to the store, and what has got you to dip so deep into your pocket that you want

What is a Landing Page (and why does your business need one)?

Why do you need a Landing Page and not your website?Speak to anyone at a networking event and one thing stands out more than anything; Passion. It's the reason why you do th

Are You A Time Lord With A Future Vision?

Seeking Time Lords with a future vision.'Visionary leap' is a term I give to real entrepreneurs when they can see into the future. It seems all successful entrepreneurs see