We are all Sleazy Salesman (but we have secrets to growing your profit)

An experienced Sales man reveals the tricks of the trade.

Daddy, I want to be an entrepreneur.

If my child wants to become an Entrepreneur I would, of course, be proud, but would I be able to get them prepared for the gruelling and heartbreaking journey they will embark upon, which is littered

What is a Landing Page (and why does your business need one)?

Why do you need a Landing Page and not your website?Speak to anyone at a networking event and one thing stands out more than anything; Passion. It's the reason why you do th

Are You A Time Lord With A Future Vision?

Seeking Time Lords with a future vision.'Visionary leap' is a term I give to real entrepreneurs when they can see into the future. It seems all successful entrepreneurs see

If you can’t be nice.

In business so many people find they can't help themselves and blurt out and ill thought out response that they will later always regret, what is it about the internet that brings out the worst in som

Dating V Lead Generation

Online marketing and finding new business online always has a strong affinity to the dating game, and as love is a human emotion that transcends all languages, it’s easy to make the comparisons, so

The truth about Lead generation

The truth about B2B Lead generationLead generation as a term means so much to business people, taking in its purest form it should mean; ‘I know someone who wants to buy from you right now’ A

The 7 deadly sins of finding new business

It is said the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect something different to happen.Or maybe your business is sailing along and you are thinking ‘Why change the

Singapore business leads

My quest is to get business people understanding; What is a business lead?If we could all standardize what a lead is, then business would be better around the world!Search

Stop staring at the PC wondering how to get new clients!

The computer and the technology age has it’s foothold in every aspect of modern business, but one area where I don’t see much evolutionary change at all is; finding new clients.We are all stil