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How to sell to your neighbours

If you have a business, and when you are asked; who is your target market? Then you begin your sentence with;

“Anyone that………”


“Anyone who……..”

This is not going to wash with any decent mentors I am afraid, and this is what I learned very quickly.

Even if your market is everyone, you need to break down your business and website into local and more specific categories to get the best from your marketing efforts.

For example If you sell fishing rods to; “Everyone that is interested and goes fishing” then you need to break down your website’s categories into the types of rods that are the best for each kind of water. This will make it a lot easier for you to get seen on search engines as you are picking a keyword or key phrase that probably won’t have too much competition, and also your blogs will give you expert status and eventually trust which is a key element of any selling to be done.

Here are some tips on going very local.

Website categories

Categories for SEO on Biz-find

Categories for S.E.O.

If you are using Word press like so many of us do, make sure to add a full description to your categories and hopefully you will have Yoast S.E.O. plugin installed which talks you through how to add the most effective SEO as you go along, and in the category description and meta titles (there’s no code honest, just fields) make sure you go local, for example like these  meta descriptions:

‘Fishing rods for Severn River Mackerel.’

‘Fishing rods for Chao Prao River Catfish.’

Many people forget the ‘local aspect’ of S.E.O., think of how you search; do you just put in what you are looking for without the area? That would give you to wide a result.

For example; you would not put in just; ‘Plumber’ into Google Search as you would get plumbers from all over the world, not forgetting Wikipedia, famous people who just happen to have the surname, and training courses at the top.

No, you would put in Plumber in your local town, and if you have this in the category description and tags in your website, you are more likely to be found.

Local P.P.C.

We all have to do pay per click (P.P.C.) if we are serious about online business, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or Google P.P.C. Organic sharing used to be worth it yet now even with our 500k reach on the big three social media sites we are lucky to pull 100 people to a blog without paying. You might also investigate pay-per-click search engines such as Yahoo! and CitySearch, which offer targeted marketing to people in your local area.

J.V.’s and Partnerships

Guest blogging does work, don’t listen to the naysayers, find people who offer peripheral services to you and offer to do a blog for them if they do a blog for you, or swap banner ads. Integrating their features into your site may open up doors for many new local visitors to your site. Make sure your blogs have a niche feeling.

Email marketing

email marketing tips on Biz-find

email marketing tips

The 20-5-20 works for me and no, it’s not a girls figure

20% open an email newsletter from you, if it’s a compelling heading in their email box, 5% click links and 20% of those people go on to purchase.

So if you have:

1000 subscribers then an average 20% open =200 opens

From 200, 5% click links= 10

From 10 clicks, 20%= 2 purchase your product or service

On average for every 1000 subscribers is 1-2 sales for me per email, and I understand I am not that far off the average across the industry. I am guilty however of not being more niche. I am very general, after all we run a business directory for every kind of business; yeah I know those who can’t, teach blah blah….

You can however improve these figures tremendously by being very niche and or local, so going back to our fishing rods, if your heading was say:

“How I caught 200% more tench in the Dee river with this secret weapon!”

You can improve your return on email marketing considerably.

Online Business directories

As South East Asia’s leading business directory and Sales Leads website I see many business register every day and we have to approve their listings,  if you saw how many are in the wrong category or don’t add their social media links, and forget their map, you would be shocked.  You can find many local directories for your local town, don’t be lazy spend a day adding to them all.

J.V. competitions

Approach a local business who compliments what you do and get them to give you a prize in return for free marketing, a barter if you will.

For example; we approached Four Points by Sheraton Sukhumvit 15 in Bangkok and they kindly gave us 6 nights at their amazing hotel for free so we did a marketing job of promoting the winners and their Hotel to our website and our 500k social media reach to say this was a winning idea for all concerned is an understatement. This also adds to your sense of community and local contribution.

Four Points competition on Biz-find

Four Points competition on Biz-find

Make your services clear.

As an online marketing trainer I am all about content and educating your people about why your special however none of it means a thing if they don’t know what you sell or how to buy from you.

Make sure what you sell is on your home page at the top of the fold (The screen before they have to scroll down) and make it less than 3 clicks to pay.

If you have many services give them one page to choose an area like for fishing; one page with images all the different fish they are going to catch in different rivers with your rods.

Remember you don’t sell rods you sell the euphoria of the catch and the serenity of fishing in scenic waters.

Fishng for business on Biz-find

Fishing for business

Make sure each blog and content has your services at the bottom or on the side banners.


Yes I do go out occasionally and see real people and you can go local with offline marketing.


Most of us have access to local organizations that are full of nice people just like you who simply want to meet other like-minded people.

The local Chamber of Commerce and other industry-specific organizations in your area are a good starting point. Just make sure not to just go to meetings — make an effort to get to know people or even volunteer for a leadership position where you can show off your responsibility, reliability and talent.

Be the speaker

Give talks at local organization meetings. If you enjoy public speaking, seek out associations full of your target prospects and volunteer to give speeches for free in exchange for the chance to market yourself and your services/products.

It’s important to know the customer who is on your doorstep. Many years ago when I was a franking machine sales rep, we delighted and rejoiced in the brownie points we got by selling a franking machine to the business who lived right next door to Pitney Bowes (the largest supplier of mail room equipment in the world) in the UK, and boy did we milk that fact!

Getting to know your neighbours and their businesses and the people in your local community is a social grace our parents enjoyed, and I wonder of it is an art that is lost on future generations.

Perhaps Alan Watson’s fictional book about international espionage and hackers controlling satellites just next door has a lot to answer for …

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