Why your intro sucks and how to improve the response rate.
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Why your intro sucks and how to improve the response rate.

I am going to show you how you can improve your response rate to your initial emails.

The vast majority of business people need an online slap to make them realise they are contributing more and more to the wall of crap and ruining the passage of useful information with their stab in the dark ‘please buy from me, consider us, etc. <yawn>

When Berners Lee created the super information highway, he probably slept well at night believing his legacy would be to improve the way business chat with one another and open up effective communications to marry up business and improve the world as a whole. I often wonder if he gets emails with blind stabs in the dark trying to sell stuff he doesn’t want or need.

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drowning in spam

Does spam work? Well yes but only if you have trillions of emails, and like many things if you strip down the agents and the people in between the email and the sender, there will probably be a few top people with the big lists, gleaned from years pf experience and they probably make a lot of money from the 0.0000000001% (probably) response rates. Sadly, for everyone else, the rest of the cholarchy are laboring under the misapprehension that spamming works, so for that reason, spam isn’t going away any day soon.

How to send an email to a new prospect and get a much better response?

Resist the urge to sell, yes, I know that sounds counter intuitive, you have a product and service and you are online to sell, but don’t!!

Selling is just like dating and I ask you; do you get your ‘real long-term intentions’ on the first date? Well sometimes some of us do, but it is rare and more often than not you don’t create a worthwhile and wholesome long-term relationship from it. It’s just shallow!

The first thing you need is trust and there are tomes written on how to develop trust and like breaking down a beautiful poem into mitres and figures of speech, it comes naturally to people who have something worth selling and truly believe in the quality of their offering. So; make sure you believe in what you sell.

To get to make the first meeting online, you have to become a person of trust and ascend the wall of crap and then not be stabbed by the sentries when you get there and the best way is to come with an offering!

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Give and you will receive

Better to bang on the door of the castle with a basket of fruit and wine for the king, you will have more chance of getting in that way.

Go the extra mile, read and research about your prospect first, see if you know anyone who could become a customer for them, or can you see a way to improve their business with a great tip or a seminar they may like to go to, even better if you can get them a good rate on the door with your contacts. Tell them about a great networking event where you could introduce them to your contacts, if they have a charity think of a way you could help them altruistically.

Start with this approach, and you will see a massive improvement in the response rate to your first ‘reach out’ emails the vast majority of you have been using.

Here is an example you can use where I have told the prospect I know a way of free branding for their business, replace with whatever you have to offer them first:

Email Heading: If I knew a free way to brand your business for free would you be interested?

Hi <their name>

Excuse the unusual approach of offering to help your business, nothing in this for me, I just know a way to help you brand your business more effectively starting from a very affordable FREE!

We can add your business to our sales leads directories and once published we can share your business across 500,000 real people on social media just for joining.

You can actually join these online directories FREE and they also provide sales leads within your category of business. Netmedia are prolific Digital Marketers and help thousands of business grow their online presence online each day, and I just thought about you!

I will follow up with you at <time> to see how this has helped you.

Best Regards

<your name>

This type of email gives you the power to follow up and always maintain that power, you tell them when you get back to them, never say: please get back to me, they rarely do!

Remember give without thinking (or at the very least) appear to be giving and the universe always pays you back

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