What is a landing page and why does your business need one?
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What is a landing page and why does your business need one?

Why do you need a landing page and not your website?

Speak to anyone at a networking event and one thing stands out more than anyone; Passion, the reason why you do the thing you do, what makes it all worth while, very rarely the people who are passionate are not after the money, they are the ones concentrating on providing a solution to a Universal problem that their customers and potential clients have right now. This person could talk all night about their business and they are in the main very interesting people who have a High EQ and a real empathy with real people.

All sounds great but it doesn’t mean they can sell anything at all, and without sales you have NOTHING!

Losing attention on Biz-find

Keeping their attention

You see humans are made up of different people all with massively different interest levels, they may benefit from your product and service however you lost them after 30 seconds of your 2 hour impassioned speech into your world of pain and solutions. Their brain just switched off and never caught your emotion.

The secret to selling is to know when to stop selling, and to just pitch what the customer wants. It’s about 2 ears and one mouth. Let the customer talk themselves into buying what they need, you be better off uhming and agreeing your way to a sale. People loved to be listened to, and the most successful sales people immerse themselves into the customers universe for the time they are there at the very least.

In the late Nineties I was a new sales representative for a mail automation company, we sold the machines the enveloped and added client bills with bank debit forms, sealed the envelopes and stamped them ready to be posted in their thousands every day.

I remember doing a demonstration at a council for all the mail-room workers and they didn’t quite get it, my Sales Manager and I managed to get another chance, and upon our return my Manager gathered all the mail room staff together and simply asked two questions:

“Who’s the button pusher”” A lady stepped forward.

“OK Miriam you need this machine to put 1-3 sheets from your customer bills in the envelope, and for the ones who are not paying by bank to add a direct debit right?”

“Er… Right” Miriam” replied

“Then push that big green GO button and let’s see what happens”

Miriam pushed the button and the machine whirred into life, 5 minutes later we stopped the machine and checked a few envelopes, and they were all correct, the machine did what she asked, later we met the finance manager and he didn’t even need to see the machine, Miriam had given him the thumbs up, all my sales manager said to the financial guy was :

“The people in the mail room love it, we have shown you here, how it saves you money in the long term, and fits into your budget, you sign here and here”

We walked out 1 hour later with a 60,000 G.B.P. order.

Contrast to the week before when I took an hour to show the mail room all the parts of the machine what they do how long they will last, how to oil all the different bits etc etc. When all they really wanted was a machine that gets their job done quickly so they can go home on time!

You can so easily oversell, and that’s what websites do in the main, they offer so much information at the cost of giving the client exactly what they need quickly.

Online a landing page is a great exercise for business people to put all of their USP’ into WIIFT’s (What’s In It For Them, ‘Them’ being potential customers) and what you can do succinctly into a few little boxes and to really speak in terms of what your your product or service does for the client.

A landing page is a staple for startups looking for investors, as you have to be able to say in one single page what the Investor will get from putting cash into your business. You have to speak directly to their pockets by telling them the amazing solution you have right now, and how quickly you can return a profit for them.

Don’t give them a chance to go wondering

You should not really have a landing page on your website. By giving your interested people other pages to go to to make up their own mind on a first impression of say a necktie or suit on a junior associate on your team page they didn’t like, or a blog post somewhere with a typo, or perhaps a image that was not so high definition that gives them the chance to forget you.

losing clients attention

losing clients attention

Yes people are that fickle online!

The whole point of an online landing page is to give someone who has an interest nowhere else to go but to hit the contact form get in touch with you directly, so you can then pitch person to person, because we all know how important ‘show not tell’ is don’t we?

We are offering a landing page for business who want to find investors or sell a particular product quickly. We can also offer a mail out service where we send millions of targeted people to that one page via email and social media to our anonymous site so that they contact you direct. We can help you with high definition licensed images and a short punchy company video to make your product or service on your landing page more attractive.

Contact us today if you need the fastest possible way to find leads for your business and we can have a landing page up in a couple of days and start a huge mail out for you and send you all the inquiries within the space of a few days.

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