The Top 9 Ways We All Get Burned At Home!

Every year millions of people suffer from burns. Of these, around half can or will seek emergency treatment and 3 percent to 5 percent sustain life-threatening injuries. Burn injuries leaves hundreds of thousands of people hospitalised each year globally, and all too many people die from burn-related injuries.

The effect of burns on the body

With the skin being the largest organ of the body, when it gets burned many bodily functions are compromised. Think about it like this; the skin:

Adjusts and regulates body temperature and prevents body fluids from evaporating

Provides an all over protection against infection

Our senses would mean very little without our skin to touch

When skin gets burned, all of these most elementary functions can suffer, including one of the most serious; the body’s resistance to infection, which can deteriorate rapidly. In fact, according to experts many dies due to shock and burn-related infections such as pneumonia.

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Protect your skin

The good news is; about 75 percent of all burns are preventable, particularly if you’re aware of the top causes of burns that exist in your home:

1. Barbecue grills.

In the summertime many of us are dusting off the barbecue, but beware; they can pose a major burn risk, especially to kids. Most parents and guardians are vigilant when we finally get a roaring flame going, but most buns happen to children during the heating up stage. Make sure you have a protector around the grill area and stonework or metalwork where it is gets hot.

2. Clothes Irons.

Clothing irons left unattended whilst you take that call or switch on the kettle is responsible for over half the burns in young toddlers. That’s because they haven’t yet learned that touching such objects could hurt them, and as anyone with young children knows, they’ll grab onto anything they can reach. Never leave irons unattended or in places where children can reach them or pull them down using the cord risking being knocked unconscious as well as burned!

3. Curling Irons.

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Tongs and straighteners

Curling tongs are even easier to grab as most young Mothers leave them on the bed or on a easy to reach dressing table which is easy access for toddlers, especially when they are made in bright colors. estimates that hot curling irons cause up to 45 percent of burns in small children. Adults are often burned as well as it it gets harder to tell if they are switched on or not with the cheaper models

4. Fireplaces.

Fireplaces, particularly gas fires, are becoming increasingly popular in homes and condos in the West, many children are burned when playing inside and fall against the glass doors.

Open fires are gaining popularity due to utility prices rising all the time. While adults can be burned from tending to the fire or while adding wood, children may reach out toward the fireplace out of curiosity . Many children and adults have been burned unknowingly throwing combustible items on to an open flame like sugar and batteries.

It only takes seconds for a child to be seriously burned, Young children under the age of 5 years, and especially those under 2 years, are at an increased risk because they are very exploratory and need constant supervision.

When a fireplace is in use, glass barrier doors can reach over 400°F in only six minutes, and it takes 45 minutes for the doors to cool down to a safe temperature after the fire has been put out. Too many adults assume it’s OK after the fire is out.

5. Radiators.

Since the are off and on at will, cool and hot at different times, children may not know to keep away. Adults are at risk from accidentally falling into one. A wooden protector or screen are effective and can improve the aesthetics of many older radiators And never put beds or cribs near a radiator.

6. Ovens.

Like radiators, ovens are hot at times and cool at others, so children may not perceive it as a risk. Be sure that children are not nearby when putting or removing items into a hot oven-remember that it only takes a few seconds for a serious burn to occur.

7 .Hot beverages.

Hot coffee danger

Hot coffee danger

Though seemingly innocent, a cup of hot coffee or Tea left on a table or counter top can scald a child or pet within seconds. If you’ve ever spilled hot coffee in your lap, you know how much it hurts, the liquid spreads over a large area instantly and can leave you or a child with scars for life.

8. Hot Tap Water

Hot tap water can scald children within seconds.According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, hot tap water accounts for nearly one-fourth of all scald burns among children and is associated with more deaths and hospitalizations than other hot liquid burns Always checking the temperature of bath water before placing kids (or pets) in the tub can prevent potentially serious burns. Placing your elbow in the water is a tried and tested way from generations before to see if it is a safe temperature for children.

9 Microwaves

Microwaves heat from the inside out , and you have to stir and shake food that has been microwaved to distribute heat across the food, this is why the dish revolves whilst cooking. Escaping steam can really take you by surprise and more cases of nasty burns seen in Hospitals are from escaping steam from a microwaved product just opened.

The best way to treat burns is to stop the burn penetrating each layer consecutively:

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